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1)  Healing From Within:  An Experiential Workshop Series

Are you ready to go deeper on your healing journey?  Dr. Neala Peake & Dr. Greg Vrona have joined forces to work with small groups of people who are interested in deep diving into their personal healing. They will be leading and facilitating another 5-week experiential workshop series designed to create a safe and supportive space where participants can learn more about and gain increased awareness around emotional and energetic patterns they may be holding in their bodies, patterns which may be holding them back from greater joy and freedom. Classes will include unique combinations of group sharing/bonding, meditation, intuition, energy work, and energetic bodywork. This work is deep and includes dipping into the subconscious to become more aware of stored emotions which we don’t readily have access to, so we work slowly and respectfully within every participant’s comfort level with every activity that we do.

More specifically, Greg will begin by using gentle bodywork to balance the nervous system and align energy, helping the participant to relax and find their center. With the participant’s permission, Neala will then assess the participant’s energy flow from an emotional perspective, and both Neala and Greg will work to unblock the stagnant energy in the associated part of the body.

When:  Tuesdays 5:30-7:00 pm

Dates:  Inquire

Where:  77 College Street, Suite 2D, Burlington, VT

Cost:  $375 for 5-week workshop series

CLICK HERE for the full flyer/brochure containing additional information.

For more information about Dr. Neala Peake, visit her website at

For more information or to register, please email Greg at 


2)  Going Within -- Connecting to Self Through Relaxing & Receiving


I’m excited to announce an entirely new workshop!  Misty Williams and I have co-created a new workshop focused on receiving and relaxing.  These are intense times… don’t we all need to take a little time to unplug from our hurried lives and get centered?  We will be spending a Saturday afternoon with 6 participants, providing skilled touch and gentle bodywork to promote rest and a return to the body, a way to reconnect wtih self.  There will be a few breaks in between for sharing and meditating, including a walking meditation to the lake (weather permitting). 

When:  Saturday, June 3rd, 1:00-5:00

Where:  Railyard Apothecary event studio

Cost:  $130


CLICK HERE to view our flyer.

For more information about Misty Williams, visit her website at

To register, please email Misty at

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