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Somatic Awareness Workshop Series


What does the word somatic mean?  The basic definition is “of or relating to the body.”  In some schools of thought, somatic refers to not just the physical body, but all components of a person including the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.  In recent years somatic therapies have sprouted up in various fields including psychology, coaching, bodywork, and movement therapies.  The goal of somatic work is to improve connection between all parts of the human being with a special focus on reconnecting the body with the whole.  It is meant to encourage us to feel into our bodily sensations, our moods, our emotions, and our intuition.  Our bodies contain deep wisdom that is often overlooked or ignored.  We have complex neurological networks in our guts and in our hearts that communicate with our brains.  Our entire experience of life on this planet happens through our bodies (through our senses).  If we can connect more fully with our bodies, our experience of this life will be richer, deeper, and more fulfilling.   Also, the more connected the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit are, the healthier we will be.  All of these parts of the total self are composed of energy, even the physical which we usually perceive to be solid.  If all parts of the total self are communicating with each other optimally, our energy is flowing optimally, and therefore we feel our best.


In this small group workshop series, we will create a safe space in which we experience:


  • Deep, focused, and nonjudgmental listening

  • Being more fully seen and heard

  • Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable and share the difficult things

  • A sense of community and belonging

  • The magic that a group of people with the intention to heal provides

I will be using what I’ve learned in my study of somatic coaching and what I’ve learned as an intuitive bodyworker to offer practical tools that can be used to encourage a better connection with our bodies and to encourage the body to spend more time in states of healing.  A few possible examples that we can experience and practice together include:


  • Centering & postural awareness exercises to improve energy flow and sense of self in the world

  • Basic meditation & breathing exercises to help regulate the nervous system

  • Grounding techniques to reconnect to our bodies and the Earth

  • Free form artistic expression exercise to tap into the body and listen to its messages

  • Sound and frequency healing to help regulate the nervous system and promote overall healing & well-being

  • Emotional Clearing Method (ECM) - designed to help heal trauma and anxiety

  • Self-regulating hug technique to help regulate the nervous system

  • Dowsing with pendulums to get further in touch with ourselves and our needs

These techniques and exercises can be done together as a group and then brought home to practice on a regular basis if desired.  We are more empowered if we have tools that we can utilize on a consistent basis on our transformational journeys.


When:   Coming in the Fall of 2024


Cost:  $195 for the series of 5 weekly sessions


Where:  My office space at 77 College Street


Size of group:  Maximum of 5


Optional individual session with me:  A discounted (20% off) 60-minute individual bodywork session can be added to the workshop price.  The total would be $307.


If you think you might be interested in joining and/or have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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