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What is somatic coaching and how might it help you?


The body has the natural and innate ability to heal itself under the right conditions.  What are the right conditions?  Some of the more obvious conditions include proper nutrition, good hydration, and enough rest and sleep.  Another condition that is sometimes forgotten is:  a well-regulated nervous system producing a calm, relaxed, and centered state of being.  The body heals more fully and more quickly when the parasympathetic component of the autonomic nervous system is dominant.  The parasympathetic nervous system allows us to more properly rest, digest, and heal.


Somatic coaching introduces somatic practices, tools, and techniques to help clients to center themselves, ground themselves, and relax and regulate their nervous systems.  A few examples of somatic practices and tools include somatic bodywork, meditation, deep breathing exercises, postural awareness exercises, yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and emotional clearing techniques. 


Somatic coaching also helps clients to access increased awareness of their bodies.  With more bodily awareness, so many things are possible!  We can be more in tune with our bodies and pick up on imbalances before they become more obvious physical symptoms.  We can approach our lives from a more embodied position, bringing more of ourselves to our families and to our work.  We can be more in touch with our intuition, those subtle messages that come from the neural networks in our gut and our heart.  We can mitigate pain, stress, anxiety, and depression by using empowering tools, techniques, and practices.  We can become aware of and release emotions which have become stuck in our bodies.  We can practice being more open and curious about the balance of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.


As an integrative somatic practitioner certified through the Integrative Wellness Academy, I offer somatic coaching as a separate service from my longstanding bodywork practice. Somatic coaching sessions can be offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with a bodywork session.  Sessions can be done in person or remotely using Zoom.  Individual sessions are usually 60 minutes long.  For information about fees and scheduling, please visit FAQ’s.  A more affordable alternative to an individual session is a group workshop series.  For information about my Somatic Awareness Workshop Series, please visit the Workshops page.

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