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Conscious Touch Workshop


A couple of different things birthed the idea for this workshop...


Firstly, I have noticed that even though we are technically more connected than ever through the use of our devices, most of us actually feel pretty isolated.  We crave deeper human connection and human touch.  Our bodies are wired to receive these.  Our global experience of COVID and our individual and/or collective experiences of trauma have made touch feel off-limits and scary.  But… the human need remains.


Secondly, when I've introduced some hands-on healing group activities in my Somatic Awareness Workshop Series, these activities have been very much enjoyed.


The Conscious Touch workshop will include:

  • Basic concepts around how to offer touch that feels safe, grounded, connected, intentional, supportive, and therefore, conscious.

  • A little of the science and physiology that is involved in the creation of conscious touch.

  • A basic bodywork (hands-on healing) protocol that participants will practice on each other.


What participants learn can be used with friends and loved ones to connect more deeply, soothe the nervous system, and help the body return to homeostasis (a balanced state more conducive to healing).


Date & Time:  TBD... Fall of 2024

Fee:  $75

Location:  My office space at 77 College Street

Number of participants:  4

Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in this workshop or if you have any questions.

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