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Coming Home To Ourselves

Those of you who know me well know that I love to dive into deep conversations about life, spirituality, healing, mind/body connection, why we are here… you know… typical introvert and empath type stuff.  Recently I had two of these wonderfully deep conversations with amazing healer friends.  The first was with Kristabeth Atwood of Rites of Passage and the second was with Jacob Rosenthal of The Gift of Healing.  The similarity and overlap of the subject matter in the two conversations felt so significant and synchronistic. 


So, I’d like to share with you the highlights of our conversations so that you may join the self-reflection and collaborative pondering.  It would delight me if I could stimulate your curiosity and help you to question and evaluate your beliefs about health and healing.


Many of us consider the process of healing to mean something like “fixing what is broken.”  Could healing be much richer than that?  Could it be more like:

·       A removal of obstacles or impediments?

·       A stripping away of that which is not truly us or doesn’t align with us?

·       Allowing and trusting the body to do what is natural for it?

·       Rediscovering our authentic self… the person we were before society trained us to be who it wanted us to be?

·       Becoming more and more aware of ourselves and the beliefs we hold about ourselves?  And then, replacing outdated beliefs with new ones?

·       Truly loving ourselves for who we are?  And not for who we think we should be?

·       Understanding that we belong here and that our perspectives, our gifts, and our contributions are not only valued but needed?

·       Unlearning habits and patterns that no longer serve or benefit us?

·       Giving ourselves the time and space to do this type of self-evaluation?

·       Questioning our definitions of success and purpose?

·       Becoming aware of where we have left our power or to whom we have given it?  Our parents?  Our teachers?  Our spouses?  Clergy?  Doctors?


As you can see, healing is a very wide topic, but one that deserves our careful consideration.  I invite you to ponder these ideas and to ask yourself what you might need to help you along your healing journey.

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May 28

Thank you. I am on this healing journey...a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Greg Vrona
Greg Vrona
May 28
Replying to

The journey can be epic indeed!

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