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I am located at 77 College Street, the brick building covered in ivy at the corner of College Street and South Champlain Street.  Going up the College Street hill from Battery Street, you'll find the building right after the big white mansion (Pomerleau Real Estate) on your right.  Parking is free for the first two hours in the city parking garage across the street (College Street).  The garage now uses the parkmobile app for payment.  The garage is set back behind the brick condos, but you will notice the driveway and the sign for the garage. There is usually abundant street parking also, often right alongside the building.  

Please enter the building through the College Street entrance.  As you enter and walk through the front doors, you will find two green chairs in the corner ahead of you.  You are welcome to have a seat here and relax.  My office is 3 doors down on the right side of the hallway.  If my door is open, please feel free to come right in.  If the door is closed, I will be out to find you momentarily.  If you'd like to use the bathroom, you will find it next to the two chairs.  The code to the bathroom door is 4788.

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