Alignment Healing

Dr. Greg Vrona

1)  Please print and complete both New Patient Intake forms below and bring them with you to your first visit.  This will optimize our treatment time. If you are unable to print the forms, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete them at the office.  Just let me know that you'll be arriving early so that I can leave the forms out for you in the waiting area.

2)  Please bring any copies of spinal x-rays or MRI's you may have.  

3)  Please dress in loose, soft, comfortable clothing like gym clothes, yoga pants, pajama bottoms, shorts, etc.  You are welcome to bring a change of clothes with you if you are coming from work.

4)  Please check your insurance policy's chiropractic benefits before coming in, and bring your insurance card with you. Benefits can usually be checked pretty easily by logging on to the company's website, or calling the customer service number on the card.  Please review the FAQ's page for information about which insurance companies I work with.  Young adults on a parent's insurance policy or students with student policies must provide a parent's contact information in case billing issues arise.