Alignment Healing

Dr. Greg Vrona

Will insurance cover my care?
In most cases, yes, insurance will cover a portion of your care.  I am currently a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna.
I am no longer a provider for MVP or United Healthcare due to their restrictive policies.  Medicare & Medicaid (Green Mountain Care) do not cover the services I provide.  I will file your insurance claims for you.  Please familiarize yourself with your chiropractic benefits before your first visit by logging on to the insurance company's website or calling the customer service number on the back of the insurance card.  

What if I don't see my insurance company listed above, or what if I don't have health insurance?
If you don't see your company listed above, be sure to check your insurance company's provider directory.  I am in-network with several smaller companies.  If you will be paying out-of-pocket, the fees are as follows:
First visit $100
60-minute treatment session $100
30-minute treatment session $60

What types of payment do you accept?
I accept checks, cash, or credit card (all types).

What will my first visit entail, and how long will it last?
Your first visit will include a consultation, an examination, and treatment (in most cases).  Treatment will include a chiropractic adjustment, myofascial release, and possibly other manual or energy therapies.  First visits usually last 60 minutes.

After my first visit, what will my subsequent visits entail, and how long will they last?
Subsequent visits include a chiropractic adjustment, myofascial release, and other manual or energy therapies.  Visits last 30 or 60 minutes.  Most patients choose 60-minute sessions.

Does health insurance cover energy therapies?
No, health insurance does not pay for energy therapies and healing modalities.  

How should I dress for my visits?
Since you will be clothed during your treatment sessions, it is best to dress in loose, soft comfortable clothing (gym pants, shorts, pajama bottoms, etc.)  Many patients bring a change of clothing with them.

What if I would just like to have a consultation to discuss my condition or to ask questions?
Please feel free to request a free consultation.  Rather than use the online scheduling program, please email or call me to set up a time for a consultation.  I'd be more than happy to meet with you.

Do you have online scheduling?
Yes, I do!  When using Appointment Quest, be sure to follow the prompts until the end, including the "Make Appointment" button. If you don't receive an email confirmation from Appointment Quest, the appointment has not been made.  You will find Appointment Quest on my Appointments page.