Alignment Healing  - Dr. Greg Vrona
I have been seeing Greg on a regular basis for the last several months, and am very happy with the results. After suffering with neck and lower back pain for years, as well as sciatica, I was becoming adjusted to the idea that this is what happens as one ages. That seemed to be the general consensus of most of my age group (I'm 61) as well as most healthcare providers. My experience with Greg has negated that opinion. I feel much more flexible and am virtually pain free. I appreciate Greg's quiet, friendly approach and kind and gentle manner. He is remarkably attuned to my various trouble spots---I noticed right away that he went right to the individual areas of pain without searching around. That is a special gift, I believe. His treatment is so much more than a simple chiropractic visit. Healthcare appointments in my life have generally been somewhat tense and anxious affairs, for many reasons. I always look forward to seeing Greg, where I feel relaxed and calm--- before, during, and after.
William Gay
South Burlington, VT
I have experienced dozens of healers over the years and Greg Vrona is particularly gifted.  His humility and kindness allow for immediate relaxation and sense of safety and his exceptional ability to remain present amplifies his healing gifts.  The world would be a better place if everyone was treated regularly by someone like Greg.
Annie O'Shaughnessy
Underhill, VT
This is an overdue thank you for the remarkable energy healing you did for me on July 15.  I am not sure I had any specific expectations.  I have never had a Reiki session and would certainly not have signed up for one had it not been a gift.  I would have considered it as a complete luxury.  I still do think of it as a luxury, but now I know it is a luxury with exceedingly practical benefits.  I truly did wake up the next day rested, but more remarkable, NOT STUCK in the pattern of sugar and carb craving and the attitude of "Why the heck shouldn't I do this to my body?" that had recently been holding me back.  I received inspiration from the session, which I know was in great part due to how easy I found it to trust you completely and simply let go.  I have ongoing basement flooding/remodeling to prevent same issue which will throw an unexpected monkey wrench into my finances, however I will get back for another appointment as soon as I can swing it.  Thank you! You are clearly in the right profession!  
Ruth Murphy
Essex Junction, VT
I met Dr. Vrona when I was three months postpartum and dealing with a lot of low back and hip pain as well as energy depletion from poor sleep with a newborn.  I had looked around for a traditional chiropractor to help with the back pain, but I felt that I needed something more than just manipulation.  I felt so out-of-balance that I knew I needed a more holistic approach to help me heal.  I saw Dr. Vrona's ad on Front Porch Forum and decided to call.  I am so glad I did.  One hour sessions consisted of gentle traditional chiropractic manipulation and energy healing in the most peaceful and relaxing environment.  From the moment I met him I felt at ease. He has the most remarkable intuitive sense of where the areas are that need attention.  He is a healer in the true sense of the word.  As a physician, I work with all kind of health practitioners, but true healers are far and few between.  Dr. Vrona is one.
Katherine W.
Burlington, VT
I began seeing Greg in February 2012 after years of neck pain. Greg’s calm, welcoming nature coupled with his interest in understanding how my body felt and the impact of the pain on my life helped me to relax and become fully available to treatment. His ability to “sense” the exact spot in my neck where the pain has settled and gently, yet with intention, apply the right amount of pressure to help release the pain and reprogram my body to heal is a gift I give myself each week. I’ll admit that sometimes it seems a bit like magic, but I know it’s his skill, patience and intuition that provide the relief!
Carmel Quinn
Burlington, VT
I’ve been getting chiropractic care for twenty-plus years and have always enjoyed the health benefits that I get from it. I’ve also seen a number of different chiropractors depending on convenience to work, home, etc.
A few months ago, I discovered Dr. Greg Vrona at Alignment Healing….Dr. Vrona is so gentle, compassionate, and best of all, effective. I’m always delighted to make an appointment to see him and experience the joy of anticipating a wonderful, restorative appointment. He takes the time to discuss your needs, listens compassionately, and offers helpful advice without being pushy. His treatments are always gentle and always helpful. I come away feeling flexible, free and energized. I’ve never before experienced such gentle adjustments and I’m awestruck that something so gentle could be so effective. Whatever my health issue on a given day, from head to toe, Dr. Vrona is my first line of defense!
One gets the distinct feeling that Dr. Vrona actually cares about his patients.
Kate Kinney
North Hero, VT
Good to hear from you, Greg.  I've been meaning to write to you about the amazing results. I was extremely fatigued the day of and the day after the treatment.  Then my energy bounced back and the lion's share of my ailments were gone!!!  I go down the stairs without pain in my knee, my back feels aligned, and my neck feels better.  You are a miracle worker!!!
Kristin Johnson
South Burlington, VT
Greg!!  What a wonderful session.  Thank you so much.  You created such a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.  I immediately felt at ease.  You took time to speak with me and really listened to what I had to say.  Your questions helped me think more about my health and wellness.  And the session!  It was amazing.  You have the very best energy. You really grounded me.  Thank you.

Kim Fountain
Milton, VT
Dr. Vrona provides a healing beyond that of others because he does not just diagnose, he listens.  He provides a caring ear that enables his chiropractic care to be optimized. He unconsciously offers uplifting for the spirit, while providing relief for the body in an unassuming and natural way. His gift is promoting wellness through chiropractic care, and if you are fortunate enough to be a patient, you will not be disappointed.
Wanda Greene
Stone Mountain, GA
 I started seeing Dr. Vrona for migraines and neck pain in 2010. He definitely has the gift of healing! He has a unique and gentle method of chiropractic combined with energy work that made a tremendous difference in my overall health. I visited on several occasions when a migraine was beginning, and Dr. Vrona was able to get it under control so I could enjoy the rest of my evening. He also helped me through a back injury and showed me changes I could make at home so I was able to heal much faster than my doctors expected. He is a wonderful person and Chiropractor, and I would recommend his practice to everyone who wants to improve their health and well being.
Stacy Farah
Decatur, GA
We had gone through several chiropractors before we found Dr. Vrona. He was so attentive to our whole bodies and always spent a great deal of time with us. Other chiropractors seemed to just want to get us in and out and not focus on our whole health history. Dr. Vrona’s office was so relaxing and healing. We were so sad when he left Atlanta because we felt like we lost a good friend and a special healer - not just a chiropractor.
Deborah Stephenson & Melanie Hill
Avondale Estates, GA
To: Lucky residents of Burlington
From: a Grieving former patient in Georgia
I can't begin to describe how much I miss Dr. Gregory Vrona. I was fortunate to receive care from him for 8 years. His technique is very gentle and has kept me from needing back surgery and steroid injections. His ability to do amazing energy work is icing on the cake. Burlington residents, if you are looking for the most compassionate and caring physician to bring your life back into balance, then Dr. Gregory Vrona is the answer to your prayers. I miss him greatly!
Carolyn Hamilton
Atlanta, GA
Our loss is your gain Vermont. I and Atlanta will truly miss this gentle, personable, caring professional. He has unusual feelings in his 'magic fingers' to locate knots in your back and gently alleviate the problems. He has the ability and knowledge to massage my head to wipe out headaches.

If you try Dr. Vrona, you will know you have found a professional who can resolve your problems like no one else; he truly has a special touch/knowledge/feel of the human body's problems and resolutions - I call him 'Magic Fingers' - you will too. You might find me sitting next to you in the waiting room as I doubt that I can find a replacement.
Beth Simmons
Atlanta, GA
I am a sixty-eight year old woman. I have had chronic back and neck pain for most of my adult life. I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Vrona when I moved from California to Georgia; that was about ten years ago.
Dr. Vrona is an excellent chiropractor; he is caring, gentle and compassionate.
A Gifted Healer
These are my heartfelt feelings regarding Dr. Greg Vrona. He will be impossible to replace.
Linda Ahlgren
Pine Lake, GA
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