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Energy Therapies
It is becoming more and more widely known that the human body is very electrical, or energetic, in nature.  Our bodies, as well as all living things, are surrounded by an energy field.  When this energy field becomes distorted or blocked in some way, pain and dysfunction gradually make their way into the physical body. 
Energy healing techniques, such as Reiki and Quantum Touch, are gentle, effective methods to help restore balance and remove interference in the body's energy field.  Both are administered in a "laying on of hands" manner. These energetic therapies raise the vibration of the cells and tissues, promoting deep relaxation and an improvement in health on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally. Though gentle and subtle, the positive effects can be quite dramatic.
Benefits often include:
reduced stress
reduced pain
reduced muscle spasms
reduced anxiety & depression
enhanced sense of well-being
improved sleep
increased energy
improved digestion
accelerated injury recovery
reduced side-effects from medical treatments
See below for more information about energy therapies used in my practice:
  • Reiki- A hands-on healing technique created in Japan which has a long tradition of promoting balance and well-being.  Recently, it has become more mainstream and has been incorporated into many hospitals and hospices throughout the country. The Vermont Reiki Association is a good resource for additional information.
  • Quantum Touch- A newly-developed hands-on healing technique based on the scientific concepts of quantum physics.
  • Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)- A technique created by Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., a leader in the chiropractic profession. B.E.S.T. helps to update neurology and muscle tone, making it more appropriate for present need. Great for relaxing muscle spasms. 
  • TensCam (CAMS Technology)- A healing instrument developed by Dr. Charles J. Crosby, an orthopaedic surgeon in Orlando, FL. Dr. Crosby explains that "a healthy human body vibrates at a rate of 7.86 vibrations per second, the Schumann Resonant Frequency. Areas of the body with pain and inflammation vibrate at a lower or higher frequency. A TensCam unit, directed at these higher- or lower-vibration areas of the body, uses quartz crystal technology to re-establish the normal vibration frequency, relieving pain and inflammation almost instantly."

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